Thread: Whats the jargon for this.

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    Whats the jargon for this.

    I am trying to find out how to do something in c++ but I don't know the lingo for what you would call it. I am trying to make an aplications I guess. A window that has some icons and does things.....I guess like an internet explorer. I hope this makes sense. What do you call these, GUI? API? What are those things?
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    A GUI is called a Graphical User Interface(basically a window). An API is Application Program Interface(basically the code to make some sort of program) if you want to learn how to make "windows" check out this linky

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    Assuming we're in a Microsoft world....

    I usually just call it "Windows programming", but I think "Windows GUI programming" would be the most clear. i.e. "I'm writing a Windows GUI program".

    You might also see "WinAPI", "Win32", and "Win32 API".

    The API is actually part of the Windows operating system. Microsoft Visual C++ (and any and other Windows compiler) has a "Windows library". The windows library has a couple-thousand functions that make use of the WinAPI. The <windows> header also includes a ship-load of typedefs and structures... just to make things interesting.

    If the tutorial recommended by prog-bman doesn't scare you off, I recommed the book Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold. This is the standard book for learning Windows Programming. Just about every Windows programmer owns a copy of this book.

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    >Just about every Windows programmer owns a copy of this book.
    And a few non-Windows programmers.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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