Thread: Attatching information to executables

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    Attatching information to executables

    Hello, my first post, not my first problem .
    OK, I am developing a program for game development without programming. It can be found at

    But, heres my problem - I need to have a runner executable, which runs half-compiled code (interpreter). But I want to have just one file with everything in it - just a EXE. How can I embed the data at the end of the executable? I was thinking maybe tricking it into stopping at a paticular point, but I'm not so sure. Right now it's in a seperate game.dat file.

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    This would be windows specific, and you can do it by using resources. Depending on what you are actually storing it might be a bit difficult--I'm not really sure because all I've ever stored are icons and string tables

    You might start with a google search on resources or resource files (or something along those lines)
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    Well, I'll google it. What can't be?
    I'm trying to store strings. Such as

    DIM: 640 480
    BGC: 100 100 100
    OBJ: 1
    OBJ 1 !

    also, I'm NOT exactly a windows programmer - I can understand Windows code, not write it. I'm using SDL.

    Maybe I should mention that the information will NOT be known at compile time - The editor will need to attatch it to the executable.
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    The editor will need to attatch it to the executable.
    Doing something like this at runtime will require a lot of effort, it may be more worth your while to investigate other solutions to your problem.
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    Check google with the question: how does archiv-files works. it's really easy. you can use the same princip in your program.

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