Thread: VC++ vs VC++.NET

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    VC++ vs VC++.NET

    What are the main differences bewtween these two?

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    Its just the latest version ov MSVC++. (I haven't updated yet.) They've changed the "version numbering". After version 6.0 (I think) they started calling it .net ...They started calling everything .net.

    The most significant change is the option of "managed code" / CLR, which (as I understand it) is like the JAVA JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler. This is supposed to be a big deal when Longhorn comes out (in the year 2025 or something...) and Microsoft is really pushing it.

    Also, with each release, the compiler is getting more standard-compliant. .NET is one of the most compliant compilers (Dr. Dobbs Journal.) Some of the earlier versions of VC++ seem to have been known for non-compliance.

    You can find lots of details at Microsoft's web site!

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    The IDE that comes with VC++ .NET is great. It saves you a lot of time when developing large, integrated applications, and it's probably worth getting, especially if you can get an acedemic version (very cheap).
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