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    C++ Compiler

    Please help, I am trying to download Borland C++ compiler and I am totally lost. The instructions are difficult for me since I am a beginner.

    Are there other compilers that would be easier to dowload or purchase?


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    I downloaded bloodsheds Dev-C++, easy to understand.

    hope this helps
    I'm using Bloodsheds Dev-C++ Compiler.


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    Thank you for your help. I will try to download it
    Have a great day

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    Well i tried the download process of the bloodshed, and then they state to launch explorer and drag files. I do not know how to do this. This is just as confusing to me as the borland compiler. Is there not a compiler that does everything so you can just begin programming? Sorry but i have had it with this.

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    I think Dev C++ is great for beginners
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    Re: C++ Compiler

    The Best Compiler for Beginners is Bloodshed's DEV C++ 4.0
    Download Here:

    All you have to do it Download

    Hope this helps

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