Thread: Need help understanding !NOT

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    Need help understanding !NOT

    Good afternoon everyone.

    I have a simple assignment statement:


    My problem is understanding the ! (NOT). If something is not 50, it is false, which returns a value of 0. I would calculate var=335. Is this correct? I know the !50 is a logical operation, which I read as returning TRUE or False. My difficulty is converting that T/F return value (0 or 1) and using it as part of an arithmetic calculation. Is there some place I can read up on this to help grasp the concept?

    Thanks for your help

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    Umm... Will this do it for you?
    int convert(bool in) {
       return ((in) ? 1 : 0);

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    !0 is 1
    ! of anything which isn't zero is 0

    Imagine !x as if ( x == 0 )
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    Quote Originally Posted by nickadeemus2002
    Good afternoon everyone.
    var = ((5*67)+!50);
    var = ((5*67)+0);
    Are the same. Indeed your example is just a waste of code since you would normally just do

    var = 335; // as you had previously mentioned
    You should use the ! operator with variables, not constants.

    var = !x; // acceptable code
    var = !0; // code that only will generate confusion later.
    There is nothing wrong with using ! with constants except for the fact that it obfuscates your code.

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