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    learning STL

    I've been programming in C++ for a while and learned about datastructure, algorithms etc. For example every time I need to solve some problem using linked list I coded one or use the one I created earlier. Now I can see that practically a lot of things already exists in C++ libraries. If someone of you have konw some good link to lern STL it would be good to recommend because I'm wasitng time writing code that is error prone when already someone else wrote it and tested it. Problem is I don't know what is there and what isn't. Often I don't know what to seek for.
    I don't know what is good way to start learning or where I can find good tutorials on STL.
    I know there are a lot of experienced programmers on this boars and would appreciate any help.

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    Well, here are the basic, non-free sources:
    The C++ Programming Language
    The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference

    There's the STL reference at SGI:

    For everthing else there's google, but there's alot of pre-standard information out there that may mislead you. I'd get the books


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    IMO, don't feel bad about learning how to do it yourself before learning the Standard Template Library. The debate about when to learn STL will never end.

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    In addition to the books recommended by Codeplug (both of which are sitting on my desk next to me), Effective STL will help you, especially since you are not a beginner.

    I read Stroustrup's explanations first, then used Josuttis as a reference while using the STL in my code a lot, and finally read Meyers to pick up new information. Also, the Non-Visual C++ forum at codeguru tends to have lots of good nuggets of information on how to use the library's containers and algorithms together. That's how I learned and I feel pretty comfortable using the STL in my code.

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