Thread: Using a char-array in stead of an external data file

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    Using a char-array in stead of an external data file

    I have a char-array with the binary data of a file, and a function that takes a FILE pointer.
    Can I in some way give the function the data in my char-array in stead of writing it to an external file and then open this file using fopen or similar?

    Thanks in advance.

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    No, not really. If you can change the function then you would be able to pass an istream to the function. Then instead of a char array you could put the data in a stringstream and pass that. If you can't change the function then you're pretty much stuck with using a temporary file:
    void callee(FILE *in);
      char   *buffer,
      size_t  size
      FILE *temp = tmpfile();
      if (!temp) {
        // Error
      fwrite(buffer, 1, size, temp);
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