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    Hey everyone its been a while but thats okay....

    i want to port my game that i've made so that its multiplayer for one and the 2 so that its over a network. i know that there is a networking board and i will be posting there to but i would like to know how i could set up the code so that there could be more than one person playing in the same game

    any hints or suggestions would be help full.... thx in advance...

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    Its hard to say anything without knowing how your code is designed.

    do a search for HawkNL, its a wrapper for network code that you may be able to use.

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    It's even harder, since you don't say anything of which platform and compiler you're planning on building your game on.

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    > i know that there is a networking board and i will be posting there
    Yes you will, you *&^% cross-poster
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