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    Graphics Libraries

    I'm looking for a proffesional cross-platform graphics library thats able to run on Windows, Linux, and Macs. I wish it to be similar to GDI+ (what .NET uses) or Java2D.

    I am aware of SDL and Allegro but they are not able to draw complex primitives with curves, paths, strokes, brushes, textures, etc. I want good font support and transformations too. Alpha-blending is also neccesary.

    I've been having a lot of trouble finding one. If you know of any library that has at least half these features it would be good. Maybe SDL has some mods that do this? I don't know. I emphasize drawing primitives.

    Free too btw ... C or C++. Thanks!

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    proffesional cross-platform graphics library
    best answer : opengl

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    Yea I figured someone would say OpenGL. I really want it to be 2D only because:

    a) My machine isn't very powerful: no video card.
    b) I'm drawing GUI applications, no need for 3D or all the unneeded overhead.

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    I think has libraries to do most of what your asking. You will have to combine them though. You can also use GDI+ and GDI with C++, I think.

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    Fox Toolkit
    Here is a screenshot showing a program that uses it.

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