Thread: Abstract Interfacing (overiding an initialization function)

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    Abstract Interfacing (overiding an initialization function)

    I'm trying to figure out how to overide a virtual function with a different signature. A function initialize may need to be initialized a different a different way per object (I know this isn't a perfectly abstract interface) but I dont want to define a ton of virtual Init functions in the abstract class and redefine them empty in each inheriting class. Any way I can achieve this?

    class AbstractInterface{
         virtual void Init();
    class AIobject : public AbstractInterface {
         void Init(bool small);
    class AIobject2 : public AbstractInterface {
         void Init(int size);
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    The closest you can get is with return values. If the base class returns a reference to base then you can declare the function virtual and return a derived reference in the derived class. Otherwise you're not overriding Init and polymorphism won't take effect. Perhaps templates would be more to your liking:
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    template <typename T>
    class Interface {
      virtual void Init(T obj) { cout<<"Interface Init: "<< obj <<endl; }
    template <typename T>
    class Derived: public Interface<T> {
      void Init(T small) { cout<<"Derived Init: "<< small <<endl; }
      Interface<bool> *i = new Derived<bool>;
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