Thread: Post-Build commands in MSVC

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    Post-Build commands in MSVC

    Ive looked through msdn for a few hours, but Im not having any luck finding what I need.

    I have a big project, it has many resource files (textures, models, etc..) that get loaded by the .exe. I want to create a master folder for the program so that I can keep everything orginized. if I build the .exe directly to the directory then the .ilk file is put there also.

    What I need is some way to have MSVC automatically move the finished .exe file to the proper directory after it is built.

    I could probably do it with a macro, but I have allways wondered what you could do with the Post-Build tab under Project->Settings.

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    You can put something like this in your post-build step:
    copy $(TargetPath) <somewhere else>
    "$(TargetPath)" is the fully qualified name for the project output file.

    You can lookup other usefull macro's that are supported here.


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