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    Need assistance to get started

    I have been racking my brain on trying to finish this homework.
    I am getting an error right where I start my FOR loop. (subscript requires array or pointer type)

    I don't know what I am doing wrong, I modified a working code and added my code to it, but I can't compile it. Anyone please help!!


       struct felix 
       int empno; 
       float wages; 
       felix record; 
       int i; 
       FILE *main_file; 
       main_file = fopen("master_f", "wb"); 
       fprintf(stdout, "Enter employee numbers and wages: \n"); 
       fprintf(stdout, "When done, enter a zero twice \n"); 
       fscanf(stdin, " %s %f", &record.empno, &record.wages);//Stdin is the file pointer 
       for(i = 0; record.empno[0] != '0'; ++i) 
          fprintf(main_file, " %s %f \n", record.empno, record.wages);//Write to the file 
          fscanf(stdin, " %s %f", &record.empno, &record.wages); 
       fclose(main_file);//This should be last pertaining to file open and close. 
       fprintf(stdout, "There were %d records entered\n", i); 

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    You declared empno as an int, is that what you wanted? If so, why do you use %s and [0]? Either change empno to be a string, or change your code to treat it like an int.

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    >FILE *main_file;
    Why not fstreams?

    >fprintf(stdout, <snip>
    You could just use printf, it prints to stdout without your having to specify it.

    >fscanf(stdin, <snip>
    Ditto. scanf is equivalent to fscanf(stdin, ..., ...).

    This wouldn't be needed if you used fstreams.
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