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    Question simple program

    how do i develop a simple program that will comprise the following functions:sequence statement,one-way selection,two-way selection,multi-selection,switch selection,for loop,while loop and do..while loop
    it must also have an algorithm,code and flowchart
    than you!

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    You have already defined the requirements.

    --> sequence statement: a line of code

    --> single-selection / one-way selection: if structure

    --> double-selection / two-way selection: if/else structure

    --> multiple-selection / multi-selection / switch-selection:
    if/else if/ else structure or switch structure

    --> repetition structure: for loop / while loop / do....while loop

    You just need to figure out how you want your program to test or exhibit these functions. Start coding and then come back and post your code if you have problems.

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