Thread: instaling boost libraries

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    instaling boost libraries

    could someone explain how i am supposed to install the boost libraries, because i really havent got a clue of what thy are talking about in their getting started guide.i want to install it for DEVC++. thanks


    P.S i got past step 1 at least

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    Unhappy Sorry, this isn't really an answer to your question...

    I've never used Boost, but maybe I can help get you started.

    The instructions indicate that you have to compile the boost library yourself. Also, they instruct you to compile from the command line ("DOS") using their "make" replacement (JAM). (I clicked on the SourceForge link, and I didn't see any "pre-built" libraries. Anything that says "Platform Independent" is NOT going to be pre-built.)

    The Dev-C++ IDE uses the MinGW compiler, so try to follow the instructions for MinGW.

    If you're not familiar with DOS... how to change directories (folders), set paths, etc., this is going to be hard for you. Also, note that DOS uses a backslash "\" between directory levels, whereas their UNIX/Linux command line examples use a regular (forward) shash "/".

    A make program is an interpreter that executes a makefile script. The makefile is like a project file for an IDE. It invokes (executes) the compiler, and it tells the compiler what source files to include, where to find the source files, where to put the exe and obj files, and all of the other option & configuration information. Ummm... I hope that's clear... When you run Boost.Jam, it's going to follow the instructions in the jamfile, which automatically runs the compiler.

    And yeah, this looks rather compilcated. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes at least a half-day to get it working. ...But it'll only take five minutes the 2nd time you do it!

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    It takes much longer to compile, of course. I think last time my pc was happily working for 20 minutes or more.

    Most libraries need no more installation than copying the boost includes directory to the compiler's include path.
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