Thread: Wich Compiler to choose ?

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    Wich Compiler to choose ?

    I want to develop GUIs using the Win32 API. I also want to do it with the eclipse CDT plug-in. As far as i understand Cygwins gcc can only create console applications. Is taht wrong ? If yes tell how to change that ( he does it all the time here ), if it is true could yomeone recommend me another compiler that works with eclipse ?

    Thanks alot !

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    This is the one most people seem to use when creating win32 GUI programs, not that it is limited to just GUI programs - it also creates console programs.
    Get the version 5 beta, its a lot better than version 4

    I don't know what that CDT is, but it looks like an IDE (in the same way that dev-c++ is an IDE).
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