Thread: plz look and help me im desperate

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    Unhappy plz look and help me im desperate

    i have read all about c++ and other jnk but i still dont understand it....i only starte to learn it so that i could learn to make hacking programs for diablo but now im just confused..could somone plz give me advice ora link or nething???!!! email me at http://www.siciliana07@aol.comthx

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    You can read all you want, but you still won't know jack until you actually try and use it. Believe me when I say that actually writing programs opens the doors of understanding.
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    Start with this:-

    This will give you a start:-


    int main()
    for(int x=0;x<99;x++)
    cout<<"I will not hack other people's programs!\n";
    return 0;


    mmmmmmmm... iterations

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    I recently made a hack (a good hack). It took the character data file for JK Dark Forces and then created characters without starting the game. This way I did not have to go threw the lame menu that Lucas Arts created. It took a little over a week to make the program. The program does nothing except modify the .mpc (multi player character) file. Had fun creating it and learned a lot just programming it.
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