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    Smile first code

    ok im jsut learning to code and ive gotten up to pointers(those annoying pointers) what programs should i try to make with suich minimal perfect what i have learned so far...

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    make a menu system that will display a menu and then you select which item you want to do. Then when you select the item, it will run a specific set of code for the particular item you choose.

    Also make each option be its own function that you call when you've found which choice the user chose.

    Then if you haven't already worked with it already, work on learning some basic file IO stuff, that's a fundamental thing that every programmer should know

    -good luck and welcome to the boards!-

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    I suggest:

    If you've had structs already, hand roll your own list with insertion to left and right/deletion/etc.

    Read Prelude's description of the difference between pointers and arrays.

    Reread the section on your book describing teh difference between pointers and references.

    Any project that uses multiple functions passing information back and forth. Try passing information by value and by reference (using pointers or references) to see what happens first hand.

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    well if i knew what yall meant i would...ima try though

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