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    Unhappy C++ header files

    I am a newbie to programming and don't have a clue how to make header files for my fuctions and classes
    how do i use the #ifndef statement and the others like it

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    the best way to learn programming is by reading books
    but i'll try to help you with your question
    in a header fileyou define the function(prototype) or the class
    void Example(); // function prototype
    class Example
    // define your class here
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    The compiler will only compile code between #ifndef xxx and #endif, if it hasn't encountered #define xxx before.It's sometimes used to stop the same header file being included twice:
    #ifndef __STDIO_H
    #define __STDIO_H

    You can use define to include lines for debugging or not:
    #define debug

    int x = 5;
    #ifdef debug
    cout << "x is " << x << endl;

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