Thread: Any Good Data Structures Books?

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    Question Any Good Data Structures Books?

    I am a computer science major student. I have just finished my data structures class but feel I did not learn anything from the book my professor made us use. It was Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C, 2nd ed. by Mark Allen Weiss.

    Can anyone recommend any good Data Structures books or outlines for C or C++? Specifically, I am interested in a book(s) that have introductory material on hashing, trees, priority queues, sorting, and huffman encoding besides lists, stacks, and queues. Also, if the book has exercises to test your knowledge on these concepts, that would be great.

    I appreciate your responses. Thank you.


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    I would recommend "Algorithms in C++" (Parts 1 - 4) by Robert Sedgewick.

    Very good book, you can read the review and preview some of it at the amazon site. If you go to the link on amazon titled "view sample pages" you will be able to look at the table of contents and that should give you an idea of what the book covers.
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    i'm reading through the book named "Data Structures, Algorightms, and Applications in C++" which author is Sartaj Sahni, it first describes C++ and then data structures and algorithms, i think it is not bad and if you want to study both C++ and data structures this book is an option. below is the content of this book:

    PartI Preliminaries
    Chapter1 Programming in C++
    Chapter2 Program Performance++

    PartII Data Structures
    Chapter3 Data Representation
    Chapter4 Arrays and Matrices
    Chapter5 Stacks
    Chapter6 Queues
    Chapter7 Skip List and Hashing
    Chapter8 Binary and Other Trees
    Chapter9 Priority Queues
    Chapter10 Tournament Trees
    Chapter11 Search Trees
    Chapter12 Graphs

    PartIII Algorithms-Design Methods
    Chapter13 The Greedy Method
    Chapter14 Divide and Conquer
    Chapter15 Dynamic Programming
    Chapter16 Backtracking
    Chapter17 Branch and Bound
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    Data structure books are an acquired taste, and even then everyone has different tastes. I would suggest grabbing as many as you can, browsing through them, and choosing the one that looks comprehensive enough yet understandable enough for you.
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