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    Question C++ Books

    I am interested in learning C++, can anyone recommend any good books?

    I found 2 that might show some promise:

    C++ Primer Plus (4th edition) and Beginning ANSI C++: The Complete Language (3rd edition)

    Are either of these good books?

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    I have these two:

    - The C++ Programming Language 3rd Edition;
    - The C++ Standard Library;

    Both I recommend.

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    C++ Primer Plus (4th edition) is a great book. Buy it.

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    >I am interested in learning C++, can anyone recommend any good books?
    Take two of these and call me in the morning.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Quoting myself -
    Teach Yourself C++ In 21 Days, by Jesse Liberty - This book is well structured for self-study with questions and exercises at the end of each chapter (day), and answers and solutions in the back. It is well written and easy to understand. WARNING - Opinions vary... some people hate all of the "21 Days" books. Someone said "They are superficial".
    jtesmer, I don't know anything about the two books you've looked at.

    I don't own Accelerated C++ (recommended above by Prelude), but it is often recommended by some of the sharpest programmers here.

    I own both of the books recommended by Russell, and they are awesome books, but they are NOT beginning books. Reading the Stroustrup book is like reading a book on brain surgery... And, to understand a book on brain surgery, you have to have a background in biology, anatomy, medical terminology, etc. The Josuttis book is simpler to understand, and more focused (on the C++ Standard Template Library), but you do need to know some C++ and some programming concepts to understand it.
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    I too started with 21 days. I liked the book and the only negative thing I can say about the book is that Jesse Liberty sometimes uses a bit too complex code to show something. And he sure likes cats and dogs

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    I recommend "C++ for Dumies. All-in-one desk regerence" by Jeff Cogswell

    Its a "For Dummies" book, and as such, its laid out starting with the simplest things, and then progressing into much for complicated stuff, but by no means, is this the book for super high end programming! It doesn't really cover anything such as DirectX or OpenGL. But since your just learning, thats okay

    Its tailored towards Dev-C++, but thats fine, since most beginers are using that.

    If your using Borland C++ Builder, head over to [ , or more specificly, URL=]here[/URL]

    these tutorials are purly fore BCB.

    GL, and happy coding!

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    I personaly like the Deitel book. C++ How To Program 4th e. Its the one Im using now to learn the basics.The book is'nt cheap but it explains everthing quite well. If your an absolute beginner this is a good book. It assumes no prev. experiance. You can also purchase the In The Lab manual that goes with it to inforce the techniques that you have learned in the book.

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