Thread: Strange behavior of SHFileOperation between my debug and release version

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    Strange behavior of SHFileOperation between my debug and release version

    here's a snippet of my code
    what i intented to do was to delete the whole directory "C:\\WINDOWS\\Desktop\\Game", and then restore the directory from "C:\\backup\\game" so that my desktop "game" directory isnt too messy.
    SHFILEOPSTRUCT file_struct;
    ZeroMemory(&file_struct, sizeof(file_struct));
    game_dir = "C:\\WINDOWS\\Desktop\\Game";
    game_dir_org =  "C:\\backup\\game" ;
    file_struct.wFunc = FO_DELETE;
    file_struct.pFrom = game_dir ; // deletes the "game" dir on  desktop
    int iz = SHFileOperation(&file_struct);
    file_struct.wFunc = FO_COPY;
    file_struct.pFrom = game_dir_org;
    file_struct.pTo = game_dir;
    what happens is that the debug version deletes "C:\\WINDOWS\\Desktop\\Game" as it should while the release version does not.
    also, sometimes the release version deletes "C:\\backup\\game" while no problems with debug version
    what's wrong??

    - win98se
    - vc++ 6.0
    - API style

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    How are game_dir and game_dir_org declared?

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    Make sure you are double NULL terminating game_dir_org and game_dir as stated in the descriptions for the pFrom and pTo members of SHFILEOPSTRUCT (and as implied by Swoopy).
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