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    I'm tryng to get a game to run with some control code I've written..... but first I'm trying to get the game to work by itself. I'm using BCB 5 and don't know what the game was written in but first error when compiling is

    "Size of 'Interrupt' is unknown or zero"

    refering to a function declaration in a headerfile

    void interrupt myInt(__CPPARGS);

    can't figure out why


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    interrupt is a compiler specific keyword which tells the compiler that this routine will be called from an interrupt (and not by the program).

    Assuming your compiler / OS even permits you to attach code to an interrupt, the mechanism for doing so will be different - time to read those manuals.

    It's almost certainly a DOS program - which will be tricky at best to get it to work in a win32 console (or can BCB generate real DOS programs?)
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