Thread: Recalling from an array/structure

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    Recalling from an array/structure

    Please can some one tell me how to display the inputted infomation that has been inputted into this vairiable

    i use this to input a valu/char to the vaiable
    void books::enter(int i) {
     cout << "Enter the name of the book ";
    cin >>(np[i].title);
    (;'s may bo over top ?? but it's ok im still learning)

    and than in my main run some functions in sequence
    i have tried this to display the inputted vale but nothing im stuck please help!!!

    void books::list(void){
    int i;
    	cout << "Listing.." ;
    	for (i=0;i<2;i++) {
    	  cout << "\ntitle "; cout << (np[i].title) ;

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    Maybe you should get together with all your other buddies on the same course - that way, you can all hand in the same homework.

    Shouldn't be too hard, you all have the same IP address.

    Hell, you're all doing the same library management code, right down to using the same variable names for things. Makes me think this is the standard template handed out by your tutor for you to finish.
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    Yes we are all doing the same peice of coursework, and we are also sharing an internet connection - but we are not giving code to eachother as that is collusion and therefore isnt really a good idea.

    There are however problems that we come across which none of us know the answer to, which is why we decided to use this message board - because in the past it greatly helped one of us (Andystudent) and he recomended it to the rest of us due to the help he recieved.

    So if you could help with my problem it would be appreciated.


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