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    Headers and Global Variables

    Hi. I'm with a big problem. I decided to divide my program in several source files, but i've never done it.
    I had a Main.cpp file. Then I created two more source files (file1.cpp and file2.cpp). I divided the functions thematically, letting the main file only with the WinMain and the WndProc functions.
    Then I created a Header file and I put there the Global Variables and the Function Prototypes.
    All my source files must have access to the Global Variables but I don't know how I can do this.
    If I #include the header file it presents a compiler error saying that I'm redifining the variables.
    If I #include the header file only in the Main I get an error from the other source files complaining that they can't access the global variables.
    If I create like a chain, this is: in the Main.cpp I #include the source1.cpp, in the source1.cpp I include source2 and there i include the header I also get an error.

    This may seem like stupid but I would like to know how to do this(if it can be done).


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    > Then I created a Header file and I put there the Global Variables and the Function Prototypes.
    You can only put extern global variables in header files

    If you previously had
    int myglobal = 0;

    Then what goes in your header file is
    extern int myglobal;

    The int myglobal = 0; you leave where you originally had it.

    After that, you #include your header file in your 3 source files.

    Finally, in your project setting, you list your 3 source files, so that you end up doing (via your IDE project)
    CC Main.cpp file1.cpp file2.cpp
    That is, you should see your IDE compile 3 files, then link the respective object files to produce an executable.
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