Thread: How to add def file in devc++

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    How to add def file in devc++

    Well i'm sure this is a very simple answer but i can't work it out or find any info on it.

    I am using devc++ 5 and need to add a def file to the project.

    I am trying to create a dll that can be used with a VB app, but i keep on getting 'cannot find entry point in dll' error, which i've found out is because i dont have the def file incuded.


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    it is a snap
    if u are not using _decspec(dllexport) before each of your
    functions ,u should use .def (definition module )file which at least
    should be this wa :

    EXPORTS MyFunc1
    and so on .
    read in msdn for more info

    to export with .def u should note linker in setting to export with .def .
    to verify your exported function u can use
    dumpbin utitily in vs/bin directory

    c:\>dumpbin -exports dll1.dll

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