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    Referance Ifstream

    My program is being picky about being passed a referance ifstream type fin varieble that has been passed through 2 functions.

    is there something in thte referance that only allows it to be passed to one fuction and back and not to a function then from the func to another func then back then back again?

    i have been getting errors with my program opening files when the fin varieble has been past through more than one fucntion.

    all of the code works and the address of the file that i'm using is correct. when i used a ifstream vareible that was created in the function that its used in it works just fine where the other one doesn't.
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    It should work fine. Why not post the code?

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    It should work fine.

    >>then back then back again?
    If 'back' means 'returned', you should make sure that your functions are returning references rather than values. But yeah, post some code.
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