Thread: strstream: output is garbled

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    strstream: output is garbled

    When using strstream, my output is garbled. Here is the code:
    strstream strTemp;
    strTemp << "hello" << endl;
    The output I get is 'hello' followed immediately by a bunch of rubbish characters. How can I stop this?
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    all strings need to end with '\0'...try

    len = strlen(strTemp);
    strTemp[len] = '\0';
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    You may be using the older string stream object as defined in <strstream>. I think I remember having problems like this long ago once when trying to use these objects. I finally figured out that I needed to add an end-of-stream character at the very end. I haven't done it the way sweets has but I think this accomplishes the same thing... haven't tried it though but I think this is what I did.
    strstream strTemp;
    strTemp << "hello" << endl << ends;
    Using the newer string stream objects defined in <sstream> may prevent this from being necessary.
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    It's not really "new" vs. "old"...
    <strstream> is for char buffers, not just C-strings. That's why you need to provide the ends explicitly.
    <sstream> stringstream, istringstream, and ostringstream are the formal I/O streams for std::string.

    The old stuff would be in a header with a ".h" at the end of it


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