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    prime numbers

    ok im in this call for c programing. and the newest assignment is this.

    Write a program that inputs a number and determines whether the number is prime. After displaying the results, ask the user if they want to try again. At the end, print "Have a nice day!". Sample output:

    Enter number: 25
    The number 25 is not prime.
    Continue? (y/n) y
    Enter number: 17
    The number 17 is prime.
    Continue? (y/n) n
    Have a nice day!

    this assignment is really screwing me. i need help bad. if you could send me the program in the simplest terms possible so it looks like a beggining student could have written it i would be very greatful. thanks.

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    try following rules

    how about you go and read the forum guidelines, especially #2 and #4 (

    then read the Homework Policy.
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