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    Question Image Size

    Hello all,
    I am dealing with some pictures with visual, but now I have a problem that how to get the original size of an image.
    I can first invisible a PictureBox and put the image in it with the SizeMode AutoSize, then use the member function of PictureBox Size to get the image size. But are there any simpler methods do the same thing? Thanks!

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    Each different image file type should have information stored in it that indicates in some manner the size/dimensions of that image. Are you working with JPEG/TIFF/GIF/BMP, etc... Go to and look up the type of image files you are dealing with. You can download documentation on the format of the data stored in those files and develop code to parse the headers of those files.

    As for this being an easier method... well, the other way seems sort of hackish but if it works then stick with it.
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    Use the properties of the Image object.


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