Thread: FunctionType visit and binary search trees

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    FunctionType visit and binary search trees

    In my textbook dealing with binary search trees, in the BST.h header file, they include a function thing as follows:

    typedef void (*FunctionType)(TreeItemType& anItem);

    They really don't give much of an explination as to what this does and I don't understand how you can write this syntactically or why it works. Also, each of the traverse functions such as

    inorderTraverse(TreeNode *treePtr, FunctionType visit)

    They use FunctionType visit as a paramater.

    Also, there is another function that can be defined in the driver:

    void display(TreeItemType& anItem); which is also used in some functions as a parameter of type FunctionType.

    Can someone explain to me what is going on here because I just don't understand it. Thanks

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