Thread: some major pointers/dynamic array help needed

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    some major pointers/dynamic array help needed

    Hi. I'm taking a c++ course at school right now and I'm really confused about these pointers with * and & and stuff... I don't know how to explain it but I've read the tutorial here and tutorial on another site and even my textbook from school... but it's still confusing. I don't think this topic is supposed to be hard cause everyone else seems to get it..

    can someone just explain it in depth to me plz in an easy way? Like:

    int a;
    int *b;

    i don't know when to use a, &a, b, *b, &b, etc... it's a little wierd.. I know '*b' is supposed to piont to something but what about 'b'. can you set 'b' equal to something.. then what about 'a'?

    I know I don't make much sense but I need all the help I can get. I'm struggling in my class. thanks.

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    Do not feel alone.
    I had a rough time with pointers.
    The only thing I can suggest is to keep reading.

    A pointer is an adress to the value pointed to.
    int *Bptr; //allocates memory to store address
    int c=0;//allocates memory for integer
    Bptr=&c;//assigns the pointer the address of integer c
    *Bptr=1;// assigns the value of 1 to integer c
    I do not have a compiler handy, but I think this is correct.
    check out this site i pulled out of google.
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