I would like the input of anyone and everyone that can tell me y my programm hates me.

other than minor glitches it will run until it tries to open a room (ERROR #3 in blog.txt)

the room path is defined and it open other files such as a weapon file form a different folder when you create a new character

i have included the .exe , the only file that you have to modify to run it is the path.txt file you should put there the address of where you unzip the .exe , and the .cpp file so that you can veiw the code.

i have checked the OpenRoom() and every (); that leads to it and there is no change in either the Info.Croom.Exit nor the Info.Path strings.

any help would be apreciated...

and ohhh heres the file,


ohh and for those of you that are wondering the .zip file is very small only 144k