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    C/C++ Support IRC Channel

    C/C++ Support IRC Channel

    Channel: #csupport

    People of all abilities welcome. Come to ask a question or help out others.

    We would love some of the old time helpers to come and hang out to get the get
    the channel on it's feet. The more people who come along, the better of a resource
    this will become to the community

    Before you ask, please make sure you have searched these message boards and
    read the FAQ @ as many questions have been
    answered before. Also, have a good search with your favourite search engine first.

    As this channel is hosted on the DALnet IRC Network, users are required to
    abide by the DALnet Acceptable Use Policy @

    We are not a substitute for your own brain

    C/C++ Support IRC Channel

    Server: Channel: #csupport

    Come along and help make it a great resource for the community.

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    Though this IRC channel is largely composed of people from these message boards, it is not associated with this site. The administration of this website does not garentee that the discussions on these channel will conform to the same standards and restrictions stated on this message board. While we encourage people to take advantage of this resource, we do not take responsiblity for urer conduct or the content on the IRC channel.

    If you have any questions concerning this policy please PM me.

    Lead Moderator

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
    Information on code tags may be found here

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