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    Lightbulb From the command line to the windows...

    I have been learning C++ for a little while now, and of course all my programs run in the command line, doing what they have to do.

    But, recently I have been wondering: How do I make my programs run in a window? Because I noticed most of the popular programs don't run from the command line, but are window-based (like Microsoft Word, Notepad, KaZaa). Is it possible to do this in C++, or is this not the language for me?

    All help is appreciated -- Thanks, jason.

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    >Is it possible to do this in C++

    Of course it is.

    The reason you have only programmed in the command line so far is because teachers and books usually start out teaching the actual language and concepts first, and then after you are good with the language, you can learn how to use windows, etc. (in the programming world, it is normally called GUI programming when you develop applications that work in a window and use buttons and such).

    There is something called the Windows API, you might have heard of it before. It comes with almost every C++ compiler that is made for the Windows environment. All you have to do is say:

    #include <windows.h>

    And you can start programing for Windows!

    Of course it isn't all that easy. I suggest getting a good book to help you along. And don't get discouraged! Everybody despairs the first time they see Windows code because it looks completely foreign to them, but after awhile you get used to it and become pretty good with it. It just takes a lot of practice.

    There are plenty of books out there that can teach Windows programming. I dont know the names of any off the top of my head. Just go to your local bookstore and flip through them all.

    By the way, most Windows applications are made in C and C++, if you have had any doubts about what C++ can do. It is pretty much one of the most powerful languages out there. Lately some programs have been made in Java and also C#, but those are definitely in the minority.
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    Very neat, indeed. Thanks a bunch, DavidP, you've been a great help. Time to get going to my local bookstore!

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    Thumbs up Petzold!

    The standard book for learning Windows programming is Programming Windows by Charles Petzold. Just about every Windows programmer owns this book.

    Like DavidP said, " isn't all that easy." There is a lot of overhead in windows programming... there isn't a simple "MakeWindow()" function. Petzold's first "Hello Windows" example is almost 2 pages long, and it's all special typedefs, structures, and functions defined in the <windows> header. When you first see it, you won't understand much of it. Don't worry, Petzold does explain it.

    Here's a link to some Windows Tutorials.

    You don't have to know any really advanced C++ to learn Windows programming, Petzod only uses C. But I always advise to keep studying and learning the underlying standard C++ language, so that your programs not only look, but run well... making good use of the language.

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    Also check out MFC.


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