Thread: Regex or scanf()?

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    Regex or scanf()?

    Hi, I'm making a console-based connect four game as a beginner project, I want have the user input a command in this syntax, "drop <int column_number>" to drop a coin. The problem is how! I want to be able to seperate the number from the command a store it into a seperate variable - and if the syntax is not as expect, I do not want the program to crash, I want it to just ask again.

    I have tried something like below, which kind of works and then crashes straight after. My understanding of scanf() is limited because I do not have the MSDN library.
    PHP Code:
    int col;
    scanf("drop %d", &col);
    My understanding is that where %d is, is the value that will be put into col - please correct me if I am wrong.
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    what might be better is to use scanf("%s",buff); and read a string in. Then use sscanf to parse the string afterwards. sscanf is basically the same as scanf, except it does it with constant strings and doesn't get the data as input from the user.

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    If I do it like that, it essentially is still the same as getting the information from the user?

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    > My understanding of scanf() is limited because I do not have the MSDN library.
    Without a decent reference, any new function you come across will leave you guessing.
    Didn't something come with your compiler?

    As mentioned already (partly at least), use sscanf() to pull the input apart.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main ( ) {
        char buff[BUFSIZ];
        while ( fgets( buff, BUFSIZ, stdin ) != NULL ) {
            int drop;
            if ( sscanf( buff, "drop %d", &drop ) == 1 ) {
                printf( "You dropped item %d\n", drop );
            } else {
                printf( "I don't understand %s", buff );
        return 0;
    Simply add more else if constructs to match all your other commands.
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    My understanding of scanf() is limited because I do not have the MSDN library.

    EDIT: Of course, it's impossible to find anything using the search feature at MSDN. Go to google and do it like this:

    " scanf"

    That will find what you need.
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    Thanks, I'm messing with the code =D I don't understand some it, off course, but it works perfectly and I can always find out the details later.

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