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    Question Port Scanning

    Hello there!
    I'm trying to find a c++ program that shows the signals or bin code that a printer port is sending to the printer from the computer in order to make an electronic application.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Another one - boy, parallel port programming sure is popular at the moment
    Do a board search, this was discussed recently
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    Okay, find out the address of the parallel port (no need for port scanning here--I'm thinking you didn't really mean "port scanning" as that either means scanning through all hardware ports or else scanning through all Internet connection ports (TCP/UDP/etc)) because the parallel port will only have a single hardware address.

    Also, read up on parallel port programming.

    ...and you'll probably want to do this in assembly language rather than in C++ since you are interfacing directly with the hardware.

    You other choice is to somehow find a device driver someone has made which does this and has a C API interface to it which you could then call in to to do your work.

    I am not a parallel port programmer, but if I were interested, those would be what I would do

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    If you are programming under Linux, this is EXACTLY what you want

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