Thread: What Is Important In Making Games?

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    What Is Important In Making Games?

    Like what types of math, and what concepts of programming are extremely important, would you say? Just asking so I know what the most important things to learn are. I know some math and programming stuff anywho, but I just want to know what I should aim to learn next.

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    I think this would get more responses on the game board...but linear algebra would be my guess for a good course for games, especially graphics...

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    nowadays, you won't get far without a good understanding of Algebra, calculus, and geometry. For example, First Person Shooters are probably one of the more math-intensive types of programs to make and takes a very good understanding of a lot of things (especially vectors).

    Also, concept-wise, games are really something that you just have to like to do and are willing to put some time in to finishing. A lot of games get started and never actually see the light of day. Throughout my past year and a half of programming, I've only finished 3 full games so far, and I have quite a few that aren't finished. So basically you just have to find something that you like and stick with it.

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    Networking's a pretty cool area to get into too (and by cool, I mean frustrating ). Nothing is more popular and satisfying to make than a game that lets your friends compete against each other - unless, of course, it's an RPG with awesome gameplay and an amazing storyline and soundtrack. In which case, if you don't want to hire professional storywriter and composer people, you might want to consider taking lessons in poetry, music and/or drama, so that you can evoke the right emotions at the right times in the game And, be prepared to put in around 10 years of work.

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    it really depends on what kind of game... for my text-based battle system, all I really needed was some very basic algebra... and not much of it
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    Linear algebra is the foundation for 3D math.

    There are several books suggested over at Check out their suggestions and purchase some of the books. You won't regret it.

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    I would say to learn

    Graphics programming
    How to make your own decent music
    Sound/Music programming
    Graphics design
    Collision-detection algorithms
    anything and everything you can think of, really, if it seems even semi-relative

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