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    help about icons

    how do i add a icon to my program? like add a x.ico to my program, so it doesn't look boring
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    If you are using Windows, then you might want to try and get a resource hacker. It's a program the can show/edit the resources that are stored in an exe file.

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    An icon is a "resource".

    Like, The Dog said, the icon is a resource. Assuming that you're using Windows compiler, there should be an option of adding resources to your project. You shouldn't need any sort of "hacking tool" for a program that you wrote yourself. By a Windows compiler, I mean one that can make Windows GUI programs as well as Windows-console programs.

    A resource gets added to the exe file, but it's not part of the actual compiled machine language... Hmmm... I'm not explaining that very well... Its kind-of like an attachment... but the icon bitmap is part of the file. (Part of the file-header, I believe.)

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    What Compiler Are You Using? That Would Make It Easier For Us To Tell Ya How

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