Thread: How long have you been with c++?

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    How long have you been with c++?

    I was just wondering how long you have been working with c++ and how long it took you to learn what you have learned so far and what you know so far.

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    Why did you steal Betazep's avatar? i don't think that's too nice of a move. heh.

    I've been programming C++ for six months and i'm starting to learn Java now. I'm all self taught.

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    umm, I can do java too, alittle, I've been programming for 7 months, and I know windows crap!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!
    really, I know some Windows API, not really that much, but I can create a full featured program. I am going to go into DirectX within a month or two.

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    I got into C++ about 6 or so months ago. I bought a book and I got bored of it after the first few days and didn't touch it for and month then one day I was bored and started to read it again, I have kept reading it and several tutorials on the internet about it. At the moment, I am getting into alot of advanced stuff on classes and file output. Soon, i'm gonna buy a book on Windows programming then i'll hopefully learn DirectX.

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    I have been programming in C++ for 3 years, and I started programming in basic about 3 years before that.

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    I have been learning c++ since september 12th at college - 1 day/week.
    Prior to that, I did City&Guilds visual basic again 1 day/week.

    Prior to that... a long time ago... I did basic and a bit of assembler.


    mmmmmmmm... iterations

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