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    I'll continue to try my best to solve this complex problem.

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    This doesn't seem to work:
    class BunchOfCards
        Card DealACard();
        friend ifstream& operator >>(ifstream& ifs, BunchOfCards& bcds);
        friend ostream& operator <<(ostream& ofs, BunchOfCards bcds);
        vector <Card> mSomeCards;
    Card BunchOfCards::DealACard()
      Card b, targetPosition;
      for(int i=targetPosition;i<mSomeCards.size();i++)
      return b;
    Now, I'm trying to do something here, and I know that I am not doing it right. I've got to start somewhere, so I have. I have been instructed to:
    Consider that the last card pushed back onto the vector is the "top" of the BunchOfCards. Write a member function that takes the top card off of BunchOfCards.
    ...Returns the top card and takes the card out of the bunch of cards.
    I am a bit lost here as well. Thanks

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