Thread: deleting a folder AND copying a folder

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    Wink deleting a folder AND copying a folder

    hi experts,
    2 simple questions

    - how do i delete a whole folder?? (programmically)
    - how do i copy a whole folder?? (programmically)

    - API ( no MFC )
    - VC++6.0
    - win98

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    The easiest way is to use SHFileOperation().

    Search the boards for that function, there are numerous examples.


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    To use SHFileOperation() under Windows 98, you need this.

    An alternative is to use FindFirstFile()/FindNextFile() to retrieve the files in a directory, use DeleteFile() to delete them, them RemoveDirectory() to get rid of the directory, or CreateDirectory() and then CopyFile() to copy. You can use this approach without the MSLU.

    I have a three part tutorial on the use of FindFirstFile()/FindNextFile() starting here. If the site 404's try again later, there is something wrong with my server.
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