Thread: why use iostream...

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    why use iostream...

    Why would you use iostreams when stdio functions compile so much smaller?

    such as
    cout << "hello, world!" << endl;

    printf("hello, world!\n");

    the latter compilers much why use the first one?

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    cout will always do the right thing, because it is type safe
    cout << "the value is " << myfloat;
    printf("the value is %d ", myfloat );
    Some compilers can warn you that %d doesn't print a float, but many don't. The code will compile just fine, and may even produce some expected answers, but it is wrong.

    cout can use overloaded functions.
    cout << "The values in class are " << myclassvar;
    printf( "The values in class are %?????? ", myclassvar );
    printf() cannot be extended in a portable way to output entire classes.
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    I see, interesting.

    tell me salem, do you prefer to program in C or C++?

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