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    Hi. I have written a class called TOC that implements a bunch of functions for connection to the AIM service and for handeling incoming IMs, etc. I decided that since I plan to use this in multiple programs, I would write a subclass of it and call it AIMBot. AIMBot just simply overrides a few functions dealing with the display and the message handling. Here is my problem: in the TOC class, when any type of message is recieved, it is sent to TOCServer(CString), which then decides what funciton to call based upon the header of the message. These functions that are called are already implemented within the same class. For instance, if a user sends a message to the screen name controled by a TOC instance, it is then sent to TOCServer(CString), then the appropriate function is called (in this case, it's doIM(CString) ). In TOC, all the doIM(CString) does is to display the message. I want to override this function. After implementing a new version in AIMBot, I saw no change in the program's behavior. It doesn't seem to be overriding. Am I making some type of simple OO mistake? Bad assumption? You guys tell me. Thanks in advanced for any help.
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    It sounds like you need to declare the method as virtual in the base class. Then your overridden behavior should work out.
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