Thread: Producing Beep Sound with C++

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    Exclamation Producing Beep Sound with C++

    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering, I read from a C++ book, that there is this special character:


    which the book said it will produce a beep sound. Being curious,
    I fired up my Microsoft VC++ and tried like this:

    cout << "\a\a\a\a\" << endl;

    in which I hope the computer will beep several times, but it didn't.

    So my question is, can this character
    really produce a beep sound?
    If yes, how would we use it in the C++ program?


    ps: I also noticed in the book, there is this ASCII character
    ^G (BEL) --> is this the same thing as above?

    OS : Windows XP
    Compiler : Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

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    ....but this is giving multiple beeps in my system.

    using namespace std;
    int main()
    int k =0;

    you need to flush the stream . either use "endl" or use "flush".

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    try removing the quotes

    cout << \a \a \a \a << endl;
    or something. Personally I've never used this in c++ (or even heard of this); The only command I know for this is "beep" in BASIC...
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    You may have one of the newer computers that do not have a pc speaker hooked up. Open the case and look to see if there is a single speaker on the case that is connected to your motherboard.

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    Use the Beep() API function, control the pitch and duration that way.
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    it's supposed to be in quotes... it's just a mobo beep... not really anythign interesting... and if you put several together they beep so fast you can barely hear the pauses in between... at least on my system...
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    Then you need to use other functions to slow down the process of beeping. You can get real fancy with timers but you probably only need a simple pause between each beep.

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    if you are under windows XP, you can set the volume of the beeper on your puter in the volume control. You might have it muted, causing you not to hear the sounds. Just double click your volume control and make sure the "PC Speaker" isn't muted and that the volume is all the way up.

    and for making beep sounds, use the Beep function, found in windows.h i believe....

    Beep(frequency, duration);

    so Beep(1000,500); would play a beep at pitch 1000 for half a second 500/1000 milliseconds.

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    > in which I hope the computer will beep several times, but it didn't.
    But did it beep at all?

    cout << '\a\a'
    is only likely to produce a slightly longer beep than
    cout << '\a'

    If you want distinct beeps, then you're going to have to use a loop, and insert a delay between each one.
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