Thread: functions (advantages/disadvantages)

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    Post functions (advantages/disadvantages)

    i have a question on functions (void and return).

    let's say i have function that reads an integer [read_num()]. should i use a return function [int read_num(int)] or a void with pass by reference [void read_num(int &)]?

    does it make any difference or is it just preference?
    what are the advantages and disadvantages of using void or return?

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    mostly it is just preference.

    personally i like to use returns, because it seems to me that it is much easier to write:

    int num = read_num ( );

    rather than:

    int num;
    read_num ( num );

    It also depends how you use it. Sometimes you might need to make it a reference parameter instead of being returned.

    Overall, however, it is a matter of preference. I vote for the return statement. It can be much more useful in my opinion. For example, if you used a return statement, you could do this:

    cout << read_num();

    However, if you used a reference, you would have to do this:

    read_num ( num );
    cout << num;
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    For something like that, you need to return two bits of information
    - success/fail/error status
    - the actual value if success
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    even though you're returning more information, I usually use a return if I'm just returning one thing...
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