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    Unhappy Advanced? Not Advanced? Anyone?

    Okay here is what I want to achieve, I want to be able to write in DOS from my program that I am creating. I've execed it with:

    char szPath[] = "C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\cmd.exe"; 
            HINSTANCE hRet = ShellExecute( 
            HWND_DESKTOP, //Parent window 
            "open",       //Operation to perform 
            szPath,       //Path to program 
            NULL,         //Parameters 
            NULL,         //Default directory 
            SW_SHOW);     //How to open 
    Now I want my program to enter commands in DOS or text or anything. Is this very complicated? Moderatly Complicated? Could someone help me?

    By the way this is a crosspost from because I just want to let both sets of regulars have a crack and my problem.

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    You'd be better off with CreateProcess and the plethora of options it offers to make this easier (giving you handles to the streams etc..)

    Try this...I found it usefull when I wanted to control a console -

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    Are you referring to inter-process communication?

    Check out MSDN.


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    If I were you, I would consider just passing commands direct to the DOS progs and forget going through command/cmd. DOS is a shell (used to be pure until WinME?) and is an operating system. The DOS u use today is an emulator of the original. It called programs to run in memory upon user-based input or batches. Theres another idea...write a batch file and call it from your proggy...

    **scratch that, I thought you were only interested in passing to DOS. Do a CreateProc and get it over. Difficulty Rating: Low/Moderate
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