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    Angry stupid syntax error

    file: terragen.h
    #ifndef TERRAGEN_H
    #define TERRAGEN_H
    struct terragenInfo
    time_t ttStartTime;
    double dUpTime;
    void terragenInit(terragenInfo PARAM_tginfo);
    bool launchTerragen(terragenInfo PARAM_tginfo,C_fsystem& PARAM_script, C_fsystem& PARAM_terrain, C_fsystem& PARAM_world);
    bool killTerragen(terragenInfo PARAM_tginfo);
    bool terragenIsRunning(terragenInfo PARAM_tginfo);
    double terragenGetUpTime(terragenInfo PARAM_tginfo);
    d:\terranetd\terragen.h:8: syntax error before `;'

    *line 9 is the time_t ttStartTime

    as you can see this is a header file, and unless i am much mistaken i don't need to include time.h and windows.h do i? ta for the help

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    Yes, you must!

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    Yes you do
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