Thread: sorting of sorts....hehe

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    Question sorting of sorts....hehe

    OK so ive been given the task of inputting 10 numbers into an array, making sure that there are at least 2 repeating ones,

    for example 1,5,6,6,10,3,5,2,7,8 (6 and 5 repeat)

    Having done this, i am to then write a program that sorts them from lowest to highest and eliminates the unnecessary repeating number, so the program would spit out:

    1,2,3,5,6,7,8,10 (from the above input)

    I havent the slightest clue where to even begin, because the fact that we have to eliminate repeating numbers completley voids the way i was taught to sort arrays.
    Any help would be much appreciated,

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    well, first create your array (if i'm wrong with any of this, correct me somebdoy)

    // create the array and set the numbers to it
    int nArray[9] = {1,5,6,6,10,3,5,2,7,8}; // I think this is how

    then just use a while or for loop to display the right numbers

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    But those numbers can change, remember?

    But this one should be easy, try this: Sort the array (you obviously know how?), and then use a loop to go through each element of the array and print out that element, except if the element before the one to be printed, equals to this one. ie:

    if (Array[Element - 1] != Array[Element]) printf("%d", Array[Element]);

    You could also add a check to see that Element > 0 to see if you need to check the element before, to avoid any odd errors or such.

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