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    white spaces

    Just something I dont understand...Lets say you had the follwing data in a file:

    cat and mouse
    dog and flea

    fish and bait
    bird and worm


    if I read in the file as

    while (in.getline (str1, MAX,'\n'))
        in >> ws;
        in.getline( str2, MAX,'\n');
        in >> ws >> id >> ws >> ws;
    it doesnt work. But if I write the last line as
    in >> ws >> id >> ws;
    everything is fine. Why is that? There are 2 enter's before the next block of data.

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    One solution is std::getline().

    std::string sInput;

    while (std::getline(cin, sInput))


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    I believe ws takes in all the whitespaces before the next character/until EOF, so therefore, after the first ws executes, there's nothing left for teh second ws to get rid of...
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