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    I am using Visual C++.NET 2002 with the .NET framework version 1.1 and every time I try to compile a managed C++ application, even if using only the code the Application Wizard created, I get an error. Just to let you know I have also downloaded the VC++.NET 2003 toolkit w/ optimizations, and can comile managed applications fine using the command line compiler it provides. I also tried pointing .NET 2002's IDE to the tools from the toolkit, but I sitll get the error.

    The error is:
    error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol __check_commonlanguageruntime_version

    I checked the options in the compiler and I have /clr set. Thanks to any of those who answer.
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    My guess is that you are linking old lib files.. You need to compile them using your current version again to be able to use them...

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    Well when I have the VS IDE pointing to the original bin, lib, and include folder it came with, shouldn't the managed code compile without a problem?
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